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What it is and What it isn't!
Void3D makes lightweight, affordable, flow through style, polymer silencers for home defense and hunting purposes, we do not make combat silencers! Most hunting and home defense incidents usually require less than 10 rounds and do not get the barrel of the gun hot enough to damage our silencers. combat and combat training however, require large amounts of sustained fire that will often cause the barrel to reach temperatures that our silencers will not be able to withstand. while we do not hesitate to recommend our suppressors for hunting and home defense, we do not advise anyone use them for combat or combat training!

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In most home defense and hunting scenarios, less than 5 rounds of ammunition is expended

Metal Silencers Are Simply Unnecessary

Say goodbye to costly metal silencers and hello to Void 3D Printing. Our line of flow-through polymer suppressors are the perfect solution for hunters and home defense users who want to save money without giving up performance. With multiple models available in various calibers, we've got you covered. Shop now and experience the Void 3D Printing difference.

Rifle Bullets

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At Void 3D Printing, we're proud to offer a range of unique silencers for firearms. Our silencers come in five different models, each with its own distinct design and features. All of our models utilize a flow through style design to eliminate the need for adjustable gas blocks, which simplifies the firing process for our clients. All of our silencers are made with carbon fiber reinforced polymer, which makes them both lightweight and affordable.

Shooting Targets

Experience the difference

Void3D offers 5 different models of flow through polymer silencers. 

3D Manufacturing Printer

Want to try to make your own?
void3d has sold over 30,000 .STLs for homemade silencers

try using our .STL files to 3D print your own home made guns and silencers!
(just don't forget your nfa form1)

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At Void 3D Printing, we prioritize quality and affordability to make firearms silencers accessible for all Americans. As a business owned by a disabled veteran, we understand the importance of both protecting your hearing and your wallet. That's why we focus on utilizing cutting-edge polymer technology to create durable, lightweight silencers. With our mission of making silencers more common and affordable, we are committed to creating a safer, more enjoyable shooting experience.

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